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3 types of accounts that IQ Option Offers


3 types of accounts that IQ Option Offers: As brokers oriented to the needs of our clients, we know how important it is to provide options to our users. That’s why we have three types of accounts that offer different ways to manage your investment preferences.

At IQ Option we believe that every investor should start with a demo account to gain enough experience and basic knowledge about how our platform works. Only when an individual is in a position to understand the risks involved, should they proceed with a live account.

The three types of accounts available at IQ Option are as follows:

Training Account
Real Account
VIP Account

Training Account

This is an absolutely free demo. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a real account and you will have $1000 to start (the sum is renewable). No credit card information is required (unless you decide to make a deposit using your credit card). You may deactivate this account at any time.

Real Account

This account offers the complete experience with over 500 assets to invest. In addition, this type of account offers the ability to withdraw funds in just minutes and direct them to your credit card or e-wallet (the time it takes to withdraw funds depends on the method you use. Our platform processes these requests in less than 24 hours).

Real Accounts also participate in our weekly tournaments* and have access to live user support via chat.


Once you have a Real Account, you will continue to have access to your Training balance. You will be free to switch from your Real Account to your Training Account and vice versa and thus have the possibility to train even more.

IQ Option VIPs

Enjoy the many advantages that only this exclusive account type offers:

1. Higher rates of return

Investors with a VIP account have, on average, a 3%** advantage over other users. Higher rates of return can help achieve goals.

2. Personal Agents

The IQ Option agents dedicated to VIP accounts are extremely competent in every aspect of the platform. They are specialists who can answer any question. These agents are always available for our VIP users, always ready to help with any doubt or situation.

3. Free participation in the tournaments
Free entry to any tournament is a guaranteed privilege for VIP users. You can become an IQ Option VIP by depositing $3000.

* Weekly Tournaments are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

** Amount deposited in the account in case of successful investment


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