What is a broker?

What is a broker?: A forex broker is a broker or agent, i.e. the individual or firm that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a salesperson, usually charging a commission. A broker is an intermediary that requires a license to exercise. It can be of insurance, energy, real estate, customs, financial, exchange or bag. It is also responsible for advising and advising on financial, customs or business related issues. I would recommend you to always use the brokers of big investment firms, that will offer free tools and news very useful when investing in forex.

An online broker is similar to the traditional broker as it allows the purchase/sale of currencies, stock exchange securities and other types of investment products, and the main difference lies in the use of the web as mecánismo to facilitate interaction with its customers. In this sense the web is transformed into the interface for the purchase/sale of currencies and at the same time it is the perfect platform to offer information and advice according to the needs of the traders.

The use of information technology in this field brings great advantages to new brokers online. Among the main ones we could highlight the possibility of offering a service with uninterrupted timetable, greater comfort for the user which has access to its values wherever it h,as access to the Internet (portable, Mobile, PDA) and, of course, minor Commissions derived from a less expensive infrastructure compared to traditional brokers, as well as real-time information that will help us to make the best decisions when investing in currencies.

Security in your transactions

It is necessary to comment on the issue of security, since at first it is the main obstacle that customers attribute to opt for an online broker. Although the web and the e-mail to make any type of transaction carry considerable advantages, it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge of security to avoid falling into the hands of a swindler (hacker). If the operations are always carried out through the web of your broker it is impossible that nobody can intercept those communications. Currently Online banking is totally safe and reliable.

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